Automatic Rotating Car Wash Brush


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Automatic water and Soap Distribution

Clean Like a Pro!

The automatic water and soap distribution in the rotating brush makes work easy for cleaning. You wash like a Pro!
Save time and energy.

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From End-to-end

Perfect Length

You need not to worry that you can not reach the top of your car, oh! and you dont have to keep moving around to reach the furthest end of your car. With a 95cm length holding rod, your work is made easier!

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Ability to scrub, ensure its sparkling

Tough on Dirt!

It's tough on dirt, making your car wheels and rims sparkle. The brush ability to effectively scrub, and removing dirt stains leaves you smiling.

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Detachable & Extendable Scrub Brush


  • Material: Microfiber chenille, PP bristles
  • Color: Yellow,
  • Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Adjustable Water Power: 3-gear valve
  • Extended Length: Up to 120cm/47in
  • Detergent Box: Yes
  • Battery: Not applicable (works solely on water pressure)

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Effortless 360-Degree Rotation

Experience effortless exterior car cleaning with the automatic 360-degree rotating brush, powered solely by water pressure, eliminating the need for extra electricity.

Integrated Detergent Dispenser

The built-in detergent box ensures a continuous flow of foam for effective cleaning, effortlessly removing dirt while protecting your vehicle's delicate paint surface.

Dual Functionality

Switch between the rotating brush and pressure washer gun effortlessly by removing the brush head, providing a versatile cleaning solution for various outdoor cleaning tasks, from washing your car to watering plants.

Professional-Grade Materials

Crafted with high-quality microfiber chenille and durable PP bristles, this brush guarantees professional cleaning results without scratching your car's exterior, perfect for both automotive detailers and car enthusiasts alike.

Eco-Friendly, Electricity-Free Operation

Embrace eco-conscious car cleaning with this brush, which operates solely on water pressure, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact while delivering exceptional cleaning performance.